Lab IX helps startups bring disruptive hardware technologies to market.

Our startup acceleration program offers rolling acceptance for dedicated hardware startups with working prototypes.

You have a working prototype, so what's next?

Hardware is hard, and having the right tools, resources and team behind you will help your product thrive.

We're here to democratize manufacturing by giving startups access to the same tools and expertise used by major hardware companies, like a facility with experienced designers and engineers who know hardware, and can grow products from prototype to full-scale manufacturing. A partner with advanced technology that "gets" manufacturing and mass scaling.

A partner that moves and shakes.

Lab IX gives you access to a network with connections in the heart of the Silicon Valley and around the world, that can deliver you the right channels for manufacturing and distribution with the fastest time to market.

Flextronics Lab IX has the scale, scope and speed to accelerate your product from concept to market. We can build anything and deliver it anywhere. And we're looking for innovations that will change the world.

Welcome to Lab IX

Flextronics created Lab IX to help disruptive hardware technology companies cross the chasm from prototype to production

At Lab IX you'll gain access to our global end-to-end supply chain solutions, experience in hardware design, manufacturing and logistics across most markets. You'll also benefit from our specialized partners at an unprecedented scale.

We impact nearly every industry and help the world's best brands take their products to market all over the world, with incredible speed.
We can help yours too!

Lab IX is a dynamic startup acceleration program.

What are we looking for ?

Entrepreneurs, startups and game changers with more than an idea.

You need a beta or functional prototype to demonstrate your product, seed-funding, and a well developed business plan.

Unlike most programs, our application process is always open and we have rolling admissions. This way, we can make investment decisions continuously while speeding your time to market once you're accepted.

We take you from prototype to
manufacturing—ready. Express.


What's an ICEdot?

To see what Lab IX can do for you, check out how Flextronics partnered with ICEdot to breathe life into its Crash Sensor.

Lab IX provides quintessential tools and established connections for startup infrastructure development

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Our dynamic acceleration program offers rolling acceptance for dedicated hardware startups with working prototypes.

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