Startup Grabit partners with Flex’s Lab IX® startup incubator to revolutionize factory and warehouse automation


Grabit, an industrial automation and material handling startup, wanted to bring its innovative, patented, electroadhesion gripping technology to market. It needed a partner with deep manufacturing experience and supply-chain solutions expertise. Grabit found the ideal partner in Flex’s Lab IX®startup incubator, which helps emerging technology startups bring solutions to market that make tomorrow’s disruptive products possible. 



By working with the Lab IX startup incubator, Grabit was able to accelerate time to build connections, speed its time to market and secure funding from Flex to further develop electroadhesion-based products for industrial robotics and warehouse logistics.

Rethinking material handling with groundbreaking techno



Today’s factories and warehouses need automation technologies that can handle fragile electronics such as flat-screen TVs and solar panels. Until recently, robotics offered only two options: suction and mechanical gripping. Both were limited and often called for expensive, part-specific customizations. Grabit invented a new technology to revolutionize factory and warehouse automation, a multibillion-dollar market. But it had to undergo rigorous testing before it could launch.


Startup Grabit partners with Flex’s Lab IX® startup incubator to revolutionize factory and warehouse automation

Accelerating time to market for breakthrough ideas


Grabit Inc. is poised to revolutionize the multibillion-dollar material handling market with its patented electroadhesion technology. Grabit’s products enable completely new solutions in both manufacturing and warehouse automation.


Grabit partnered with Flex to:

  • Perform state-of-the-art testing on the new electroadhesion technology

  • Co-develop a white paper for prospective customers

  • Make business connections that fundamentally changed Grabit’s factory and warehouse automation

  • Tap into Flex’s expertise in design, engineering and the intricacies of mass production.

“Flex brings a wealth of manufacturing experience and supply chain solutions expertise to support our growth.”

Charlie Duncheon, former CEO and co-founder of Grabit Inc


Grabit partnered with the Lab IX® startup incubator to accelerate time to market for its patented electroadhesion technology. The team worked with Flex’s electrostatic discharge experts at the Product Innovation Center in Austin, Texas, where they performed testing and characterization of the grippers to reveal potential issues — ultimately demonstrating that the technology could offer a flexible, energy-saving way to handle delicate and hard-to-grasp items.

Validating findings and making business connections

After testing, Grabit and Flex co-developed a white paper to show prospective customers how the grippers would excel in a variety of conditions affected by temperature, humidity and other factors. Flex’s team leveraged its cross-industry partnerships to make key introductions between Grabit and leading companies with specialty manufacturing and warehousing needs.


Today, Grabit is poised to fundamentally change factory and warehouse automation with its cost- and energy-saving technology.


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